Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Universal Verse Reversal - (She Is)

I am below below when she makes me feel above and I am not beside


I am climbing a climb endless ladder-high as I try escaping trapping eyes from


I am tied tight to my tongue's twists try to describe cryptic Coptic casing that is


Hangs on my copper limbs
I grow oil soil with thoughts of her black/slick
I scale to the skies
I am deeper than six feet
digging her whole persona
Reversing my patterns,
Reversing my position, my words,
My love will not stay in park, it's not even in neutral
My drive is there, however,
And there is no brake, no stopping, no rear view
My past is miles back of me
She uses deception in a receptive way
She likes what I say to her when I sing her soul to sleep
With my heart beat on the percussion
My mind on the spirit's sax
Under cardiac arrest
With trumped up charges of trumpet playing crimes
She chimes in with cymbals systematically
This is a grand band soothing her wounds
Swept away with Yansa's broom

I am guilty

She calls for me in the wind and dials up the number

She has my number

I am caught up

A rapture of reciprocity when I deliver my affection

It comes back to take me


I am beneath beneath the Earth
She is my fertile ground to keep me rooted
Even as we bear fruit from our roots up.

I stay grounded with her.


I am around the round solar symbol of myself
With my faith in my flares and my color as my God
I make my people brown-black-blue-red-yellow-goldenrod
When she mixes with me
I see we two hues make human
And humanity make humility their pledge to us
Under the skies that scream ancient praises
As we kiss the sky
Every morning

I am connected from the disconnected distances that only keep me from


I am longing for the short time that is between our meeting place on this Earth's face until I hold


I am reversed to birth cause I'm dying to love...


I am sent back to Earth cause Heaven isn't itself without...


I am without motion's emotions until the axis spins to rotate the beginning again with...

The last of the last 09-09-09 (Part Two)

Some people are just born to be against the grain, and all for the wrong reasons, shall I add. I just saw the Republican Party (Once Radical Republic, now just "Republi-cons" of the Trans-reformers... "More than health care odds") have their own good ol' South Carolinian hardhead Wilson shout out at the Pres. of these States Unified, calling him a liar. Of course, he got some looks form the "Auto-bamas" and a few from his own Republicons. In actuality, it's very legal to say what you will, seeing that free speech is a joke, and that it was only made for certain people of the hierarchy (i.e. rich, white men that had land and power). In other terms, shoes and bullets were used to express disgust (Bush and Reagan respectively). A babalawo once mentioned that the assassination of this new pres will be solely one of character. Why are people surprised? Obama can play this "I'm calm and cool" role if he likes, but the views of many that are sharing his skin, his past, and furthermore, his dream that seemingly is tanking by the second is now becoming dimmer and dimmer.

No respect for self. What was Obama doing this month? Taking heat about a speech encouraging the youth to pursue happiness through education and perseverance. No, he's taking the high road. Everyone mark your calendar when this great prophet...excuse me, chosen man didn't address Gates' arresting officer in a manner of chin-checking, position of power-wise. The flood gates have opened. You have natural born idiots that don't like to use common sense in consulting their ancestors or even some spiritual signs that appear to them. Here, I would have sent this cat to Ogun, or Esu to shut his ass up. No. Obama is trying his best to go Obatala's route, without using Obatala's strategy in thinking. Action won't take place without proper planning. He's balking on the Gitmo and Guantanamo Bay situations. he's not calling up the World Court on Bush and his cohorts for their part in the illegal capture and torture of suspects. Innocent ones, mind you.

Oya's watching and waiting tonight, throwing caution to the wind Obama is twirling in. He might want to gain his respect back by not letting a party push him and his image around. Then again, most of us good colored folk idol worship Jay Z and his "bride", Lil Wayne and Drake, watch Tiny and Toya, Really Asinine Housewives of ATL, and continuously dine on swine and slop. Our outside appearances are banged up through the inside. Oya wants you to be true. I've crossed over into the 9-10-09 date now in typing this. It's as if we're drinking all of this shit down and calling it a cure for the flu our minds have processed to believe we have. "Massa, we's sick?" America is built on September crashes and burns. The Titanic - September 1st.
German troops invade Poland as well as bomb their airfields.
Libya's Bloodless Coup
The world was changing. We're complaining about jobs and shit, yet we're not even stopping to see what the hell anyone else is thinking about our haughty, extravagant lifestyle. I'm awaiting this next day...just to see what transpired as a result of the last single digit ten spots are gone until 2101. (Not finished - TBC)

The last of the last. 09-09-09 (Part One)

September 9th, 2009. I can't remember where or what I was doing at this time on this date. Not on any September 9th. That's probably a good thing, seeing that my ori doesn't allow me to hold baggage too long. Memories...good memories, at that, bother me when they leave and come back in fragments. September is a month of ceasing. Hell, one of my favorite songs from Green Day touts the lyrics, "Wake me up...when September ends." I can't wait. The start of school was the first back then. September 1st. The football season began officially in September. Fall reared its head in the proper time. I'm guessing that change even places your memories in different stages. Like who would think of my past encounters and former girlfriends coming back to roam the area where I work? Thankfully, I haven't seen the one recent ex that is still around a nearby area. It's bad enough that we used to work together and my resources for maintaining my living here requires me to move around those areas she works and lives in. But this is how I think. How my heart reacts to pain makes me reflect on how much Oya has been moving things around in my life, despite me getting buck at everyone else that I've had around to blame.

I feel that every guru, every specialist, every life coach, and everyone too busy telling me about what we all need doesn't care. Why should they? Their life exists on you paying attention to what they offer you! Advice is one thing, but really, how often do we pay tons of money to better our life to get tons of money that doesn't determine our lives? Suzie Orman. Zig Ziglar. Tony Robbins. Deepak Chopra. Hell, anyone willing to sell their success and not honestly do this shit out of their heart is mad. Seriously. I honestly think I've been ruined by quotes that I don't make myself. Whatever happened to listening to our ancestors? They quoted the best. "Get your tail in the house before the lights dim!" "Boy, put a handle on that when you speak to her/him." "Go get me a switch." Ok, the last one usually was when all else failed. Has everything failed? Children don't care much for getting that ass whooped. Why? Society says share the love. Others try to tell you to forget the past. I'm trying to find out when did warriors 'put aside their weapons to tell the other side to stop killing and raping our women, or we'll hug your ass to death'. What the hell? Oya is a redeemer in many ways. She is also a life coach, a master teacher, a guru, a specialist, a counselor, a spiritual cleanser. She's not gonna forsake the righteous, nor the needy of knowledge. But we are placing our beliefs aside to try new shit that is created by the old enemy. Need I discuss who?

Or self-image has been shitted on, mainly by us. Oya has arrived on this cusp of the Age of Aquarius to correct this spiritual bullshit that we've mixed together and called it art. This isn't Esther Mahlongu. This here isn't dung. It's our souls we're ignoring here. Politics get us angry, but we're not angry at ourselves to make shit work for the most important people...OURSELVES. Where's our cooperative economics? Our self-determinations? Our creativity? We're sitting with our shoulders shrugged and our eyes widened with befuddlement as the same ol' train passes by, spewing manure as the message. (Subliminal - if a puppet can rule the nation, who the fuck controls the puppet to do so???) We all are leaders. So why do we depend so much on other words when we cannot muster our own strength to speak out?? To Be Continued.