Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Comes Next After The Beginning Of Adoration?

Ok, who here can say that they haven't asked the 'pivotal question' to a significant other, a someone significant other, or an interest before?

Following topics are usually the 'make or break' key words that will either send your emotions high with great expectations and satisfaction, or sink them with disappointing results:

*Past, Present, and Future Relationships
*Occupation and Goals
*Hobbies and Recreation
*Troubles and Run-Ins with the Law

I'm sure there are more, however these seem to appear the most, (and not just by themselves, nor in a series of questions--sometimes it appears in one question).

Have you been turned away by the person for asking? Is this a comparison thing, or just covering your bases emotionally? Are there standards high and low during these inquiries? Are these 'pivotal' questions even that crucial? If they are, at what point do you ask or decide when this is the time to enact your certain scales or measurements of how close they are to winning you over? Have you been through this process?

Seriously, are we minimally shallow, or just affixed on what we think we deserve? I think we shouldn't be judging or judged on that, due to the fact that we all have to experience something natural beyond the critique and other's means of help. Can you put your whole body into a feeling, instead of 'stepping in the name of love'? Are we capable of blindly loving? Trust without the expectation of more or waiting for the futility to overcast your sunny disposition? Do you think you could reciprocate or be reciprocated? Love is the pivot. Where will you turn to? The tangibles, or the inner being?

(thanks to slim_goodie for these words of inspiration, especially since she had most of the sayings in here)