Sunday, November 1, 2009


I rarely talk about my dreams. When I do, they are either premonitions, or something day/night altering. My dreams are becoming more stranger, yet they correspond with what I may experience the next few days.

Just today, I had a multiple amount of dreams. I cannot remember the order, but one was about messing up somebody's art creation that was solely dedicated to African people and our displaced Africans here. He resembled a friend of mine named Marc Furi. I had a khaki cloth with one adhesive side on it, and I was admiring the piece created, while flipping the large, cloth cover. It had a black, green, and blue stripe formation horizontally, with slang written in golden. The overall message was lightly written in the middle withe the words saying something like, "We are all brothers" across the painting. My friend, Regina, was also digging the art. As I flipped the cover cloth over it, I realized the sticky part clung to the piece fast, and another brother tried to help me take it off. It began to peel some of the paint off, but it wasn't the same part that was was an "F"
in white and red colors that peeled up like a washable tattoo. We left it alone and awaited Marc to come back. He looked in disbelief, as I explained to him the situation and apologized, profusely. Then it became evident that he wasn't too upset, and was a bit receptive to my apology and token for forgiveness. He asked for some that I have never heard of, but seemingly everyone else had. As I approached the outside, several guys in suits, walking with a caucasian-looking man passed me, laughing when I asked what type of beer is "Bouyoux" (even as he responded, I visually couldn't spell it, so this is the closest I could get it) and he asked if I could get him one also. Of course, I ignored THAT request.

The other dreams were short. One involved a drive where my cousin previously left a store that she got snacks from. Something that looked like Cheetos, but lighter in color. I drove up there with someone I didn't recognize and started into the store. A passersby tried to offer me the same bag of chips my cousin described. I passed on it.

I cannot fully remember the third dream, however ALL dreams took place away from an area I couldn't recognize. Furthermore, I only anticipate what is coming in this reality, due to my recent dream of my goddaughter and godsons that led me to see them and our reactions to each other.

If I recall, the last dream occurred with me and an ex driving along with her children, and asking for something to eat, and we stopped to get something to eat, but we were arguing the whole way. Something along the lines of that.

(Previously created 11-1-09, around the time of the dream)

Ifeanyi Okoro II