Friday, February 26, 2010

Capoeira Angola Diary

Practica meu manginga...
Foi na beira do mar
Que aprendi a jogar na beira do mar...
Avisa meu mano...

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Love is on the discount shelves
Just around the park corner
I saw it
Wanted it
She tries to snag it first
I don't mind sharing
She snags it
Tosses her purse
And I ask
"Is this how much it is worth to you?"
She dashes,
Parting the whistling whips of
Pushing breaths the Earth releases
She stole my answer.
Now all I gotta do is
Capture her heart
No bounty on her head, she
So calm and smooth
Has done this before...stole hearts
Be careful, she has stolen many with her looks
Could kill if necessary
Could maim you temporarily
I spot the days and years she was denied
She is now going back to the scene or the serene
Taking her time
That people never wanted her to possess
Now she has time on her side
Stolen heart
Is on the move

Ifeanyi Okoro II © 2010

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Twist Tryst

As things are cast upon these grounds
What turns up brings many options
What changing winds blow happiness in
Where stagnant blockades fall in defeat
With these shells I thee wed
This destiny I bestow upon my crown
To change and forever be changing
In wackness and in illness
For abundance or broke as hell
'Til the breakbeat do we split
I now introduce ourselves as
Spirit and life
May I now kiss the sky?


Love now be a freeaiflowing legit answer
To a priceless question
Many have paid for just to get this far
She has a coin purse
Tosses pennies
Gets wishes on each
Metals aren't worth her weight
Pressed or laid straight
But be dirty brown like Nigerian soil
Her skin is that color, but her moniker be oil
I got too many things to worry about
And one is one worry too many
She reduces the stress
Putting strain on the disdain I have for loneliness
Walking by her spot, waiting for winds to rustle
Stirring up breezes, causing gale force fantasies
Rearranges strange dreams with destiny
Nature's got an answer for everything in
Questionnaire stares
As the sun glares on its disposition
Glancing at her copper casting
Like crumbs scattered for wrens
She's paying for uncommitted sins
So love knows where to begin in her inquiring mind
Hidden beneath her fastened, black roots
She smiles
Sits by the tree
And waits until the answer comes along the next jet stream to cross her soul