Friday, December 18, 2009

"Coated Spirits"

I am honored to participate in a flourishing exercise of "30 in 30". This is a challenge, not a contest, presented to the few willing to take it upon their duties to create thirty poems in thirty days in anyway way, shape, or form, no strenuous and strict rules, starting December 15th, 2009, through January 13th, 2010. (Twitter hashtag #30in30)

Here's #4 of 30 of the "30 in 30" project

Ifeanyi Okoro II (CopperSoul)
Houston, TX

A tongue tickle
Alongside your stomach
Feels good
Like spring rain on blazing gravel roads
Steaming, smelling like hard work and pathfinding
It's the greatest of tastes
To equate
Even in oddities

Dragging the bottom lip kiss
pressing on your back
Makes magic
Like cotton candy cumulus created in spins
Sweet and interwoven to the amorous eyes
It's the elevated elation
To attract
Odd in balance

A hug forever
Connecting beating hearts
Underlines warmth
Like smiles and sorrow battling for souls
Joy and pain and memory confections
It's the wrapping unraveled
To purchase
With or without
Together or separate

© 2009 Ifeanyi Okoro II