Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aquarian Questions The Age

Originally posted from Facebook Notes page, Monday, July 27, 2009 at 2:51am.

*I added on a few things today.

Not in all of my 29+ years have I experienced so many variations and declarations of new relationships, marriages, divorces, moving, staying, murders, sudden deaths, births, financial turmoil, and social uprisings. Is the Age of Aquarius staring to show early signs? Is it that nothing surprises us anymore, or that everything will catch us off guard? What makes these snap turns and judgments happen? Why so much quick change? Big names and idols fall harder, as small countries are showing resolve and revolt. What are your opinions? What do you see as the turning point? Or is this just "life" (scapegoat answer)? Is it astronomy and numerology? Is it a system?

*Questions are popping up in my dream and appearing to me in my eyesight. What is it about this year that is spiraling down for this black man in relationships? Why am I still working for peanuts when I am more than the elephant's show? Where will I live next? Is my health in jeopardy? I can only explain the situation hat I've ended up in. Sharing a house, commuting to the job that's only for a short period of time (for meager pay), and being able to get myself together in a slow way. It still feels distant and detached. For now, I will let the ori lead the way. I should have in the beginning. I know now that egun and some helping hands cannot be a deterrent for my situation. The stars don't hold me back, nor does a decision from divination and casting. I am guided by my soul.

How about you? What are you guided by?

"Iya Yansa's Son of Solemn Transition"

This poem was written sometime late 2008. I was in a relationship at the time, and my poetry was strong, but maybe not my heart for some things. Hence, my poetry has fuel in a bad way.

When the zephyrs appear
so shall my tears
flying in formations with liquid wings
Destination: Home
I wish upon a Hollywood cemented sidewalk
for unmolested peace and
fresh new love to lace up and walk in
I've tasted sinful absolution and
indulged in holy atrocities
Egun awaits my test scores for this life
I think I scored high or something to get me buzzed
Some settle like pioneers I
rustle like autumn leaves from Maple
wanting to travel blue highway
rushing to fall asleep, or at least in
a pile of more like I
I've squandered my savings
I've saved records and memorabilia
I've recorded and memorized songs and poems
I've sung praises of others
I've used all of my energy

Ifeanyi Okoro © 2009