Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Confessions of an Aquarian" - Part I

I couldn't pronounce "Fuddruckers" without switching the f and the first r around .

I had innumerable nicknames that I've given myself.

I lied to protect someone telling the truth, facing a devastating penalty.

Guess what happened next?

I loved Prairie View A&M University, before I found out it was part of the Texas A&M University which, became my favorite college.

I attended the University of Houston.

I used to eat paper.

I sniffed Elmer's school glue just to see what the result was.

I'm fine.

Oral sex is bothersome at times.

It doesn't mean I don't like it.

My dreams involve every type of human being and their lifestyles...

and whatever I dream is just a version

I flirt with danger, trouble, and bankruptcy, but...

women are purely innocent and not on purpose.

Suicide was a choice after my mother passed...

and when I break up with women...

and when I breathe.

Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode are some of my favorite bands.

My longest love for someone was also my crush.

Turns out the one thing we had in common was barely seeing each other.

We never dated.

I am a night owl, more than an early bird...but I'm still both.

I love kissing more than sex.

Sometimes it's a tie...a tongue tie.

I prayed for older women to take notice of me when I was in my teens.

Since then, I have only dated two younger than me, and the rest were at least three or more years older.

I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid that worked at his favorite dream job...


was accused of video game theft.

I have had a gun pointed at me since 1998 at least 3 times. Some would say, unless I'm in a gang, or a police officer, maybe even in the service...

That's too much.

I've never been shot at. I have been threatened....

by my father...

I still wonder if it really was a glock or a BB gun.

My mother and father didn't tell me much about sex.

I saw it everywhere. Late night...

On accident

When you're bored and you walk in to your parent's/aunt's room unannounced...

In Disney films...

In all seriousness, I thought girls had penises when I was young.

I purposely tried to talk deep, ruining my singing voice, so I could talk like the "cool boys" in church. Turns out, puberty punished me.

I have done sexual acts that only trail rape as a unpopular decision to go through.

I have written final notes and poems to people that have totally bamboozled me, emotionally, in relationships...

One person gave it back with the flowers I sent...

In the things of mine she shoved out.

Virgos are HIGHLY magnetized to me. If you're a Virgo, well...

It may have something to do with my Astrology chart having Virgo in it, heavily.

Every class that I've entered at least had 8 Virgo children enrolled.

I have a love/hate relationship with Virgos.

My cousin (rest in peace), my uncle, the school-children, poets, Posdnous...

Even after a woman has exclaimed sex with me was excellent or great...

I don't believe them much. I'm not confident unless they are tapped out. Pun may or may not be intended.

I've used and loved Totally Tulip.

I like more female high-spirited songs than so called R&B songs.

My dad was a great DJ.

I was the last to know about my father's affairs with other women until I came back home from college.

I don't give a fuck about the English language.
That's why I hope to learn Igbo and other African languages.

I don't trust elder bald men.

Was crazy enough to bury my ex-'s underwear in the ground near my old apartment because I wanted her to stay.
Some months after the eviction, I received calls from her to hang out.

Cruelty, as I got into a bitter argument with an ex, and even got to the point where when things got out of hand, asked for the toys I bought for the children back.

I am downright eccentric.

I'm a "breast" man.

I quit my higher paying job to work back in the 'hood.

I adore black women...sometimes I compliment them.

I ate three large boxes of pizza from Pizza Hut.
Even took the tip off of he table and gave it back to my parents, thinking they left it on accident.

I'd originally wanted this to be a poem.

Ifeanyi Okoro II